Our philosophy: There’s no wizardry involved in being creative.

Very often, we're asked to come up with something creative. Which is actually pretty easy. Because the truth is that anyone can be creative. It’s in the genes of every human being. The challenge is to combine creativity with analysis, strategy, technology, budget, relevance and fingerspitzengefühl. Which is what we do. There’s no magic trick behind it. Just many years of experience, a love for communication and a touch of common sense.


So, what do we actually do?

Maybe you know exactly what you want and just need a skilled agency to produce it? Or maybe you need outside expertise to tackle a larger communication challenge? We can help you with everything from basic production to analysis, communication strategy, graphic design, content and concepts. When needed, we extend our capabilities via our network of programmers, web designers, event specialists, social media experts and film makers.

Also, Roi is a member of InterDirect, a network of direct and digital communication agencies from over 30 countries. We cooperate closely with especially Norway, Finland and The Netherlands. The membership is a true goldmine of insights and ideas, and if you’re planning on marketing your product or service outside of Sweden, we can, with a little help from our friends, tell you which pitfalls to avoid.



What's with the name?

Officially our name is Roi Division. But we’re fine with just Roi. That’s what everyone calls us nowadays. Any connotations to the rock band Joy Division is mere coincidence. And yes, Roi stands for Return On Investment.

Seriously, what's with the name?

Seriously, if we didn’t believe advertising and communication should pay off, we wouldn’t call ourselves Roi. We hope you think in similar ways.