Happy Birthday


To show their appreciation, Viasat sent their customers a birthday greeting movie. This is the fourth film we made, showing artist Ola Salo singing his specially written song. The production of the film faced us with a couple of technical challenges – which we’d be more than happy to tell you more about.

Everyone seemed to had forgotten my birthday. The movie really made my day.
— Viasat customer

In today’s market almost everything is interchangeable. Which means, keeping customers happy is a crucial part of business. That’s why Viasat commissioned us to produce a few birthday greeting movies. We started of fairly low key, with a version of a standard birthday greating song, stepped up to specially written and personalised songs performed by famous Swedish artists – and ended up in space.




We started of in 2012 with letting the Viasat profile Robert Aschberg congratulate the Viasat customer personally. The following year, we had artist Sarah Dawn Finer and producer Johan Röhr rearrange a standard birthday song and Sahra to sing it. In 2014 Swedish artist and song writer Mauro Scocco sang his specially written song. To invite the Viasat customer to watch the movie, we used the personalised sheet music as a direct mailer. For the fourth film we made, we asked Swedish artist and song writer Ola Salo to write a space-inspired song. We also took the acting part a bit further, with Ola as an astronaut beaming down to earth on his congratulation mission.






The movie critic gets INTERRUPTED by a birthday alert, 200 names were made to make the birthday experience personal. unfolding a birthday greeting from famous viasat personel.