These are our four keynotes for healthy and successful branding, marketing and relationships.


Relevance is bliss

To be a successful company today, it´s simply not enough to have the best product or service – you have to be and stay relevant to your customers.

This is why we always start in the customer journey when we take on new projects. Because when we really understand your customers, we have a better chance at entertaining them. A customer journey shouldn’t have any side tracks or dead ends. We’ll help you assure it doesn’t.



Our clients often come to us because they see their market changing and they feel that they need to adapt. We can definitely do adaptations, but we would rather push our clients towards Unicornism – which is the next level in brand evolution. If we only adapt, we will end up as clones of todays market leaders – but as unicorns we will set the standards of tomorrow.


Baseline + guitar solo

Baseline + guitar solo is about the long term value in everything that we create here at Roi Division. We know that you can get some traction with a spectacular brand film or campaign, but without the proper ground work such as internal activation and the basic tools for change, you are bound to waste your money. We focus on the holistic consequences of brand development were all aspects of change align – creating a perfect symphony


Dare, my darling

To dare is a prerequisite for change. Change is an appealing thought, but changing can be scary and hard work. That is why you need people from the outside to help facilitate this change, you wouldn’t try fix cavities on yourself, right? Sometimes this is people that you don’t know, and who you haven’t worked with before.

Dare, my darling is about the mutual trust that we emphasise in our client relations. We trust that they know their business and that they grant us the same trust.