sveriges radio

Morgonpasset i P3 –
The Road Trip


Morgonpasset i P3 is one of Swedish Radio’s most popular shows. They wanted to increase linear radio listening, increase followers on Instagram and reach an audience outside Stockholm.

So we dragged the radio show’s hosts out of the studio’s comfort zone, put them in a 1986 Ford van – striped with specially designed Morgonpasset graphics – with the chauffeur Eric (a nice bearded guy from the deep forests of Sweden) and send them on a summer road trip through Sweden. A week-long journey, with beach parties, snakes, a medieval fight in full armour and repeated engine failures in the middle of the highway. In short: great content for the radio show. Each stop was announced beforehand on the show, on Instagram and on posters. The listeners could interact in real time, giving the crew tips on where to go and even inviting them to pay them a visit.




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