Selected work

When Viasat approached us in 2011, they were pretty straightforward with what they wanted: a couple of ideas for direct mailers to existing customers. We presented them with four different solutions – and they wanted them all. And, as it showed, a lot, lot more. Over the years we’ve done – to name just a few things – a loyalty program concept to show Viasat’s appreciation for their existing customers (Viasat ger tillbaka), direct mailers, sales support campaigns for Viasat, Viasat Film, Viasat Sport and Viaplay, and much much more.


Keeping the customers happy

In today’s market almost everything is interchangeable. Which means, keeping customers happy is a crucial part of business. That’s why we were asked to developed Viasat’s loyalty program concept “Viasat Ger Tillbaka”. We did this with the film concept “The Birthdays Films”, which includes personalized and dynamic films with specially written songs, performed by famous Swedish artists.


other projects

Below you’ll find examples of some other projects and marketing material that we’ve produced for Viasat since 2011.