ROI care

Hand us our soap

We really love spontaneous applications. And over the years there have been quite a few coming our way. Some have led to employment, while others may not have been fully relevant to us.

So, in an effort to make it easier and more fun for us and for you who want our attention, we’ve put together this little exercise.


The task

At Roi Division we often dream of having our own hand soap brand. Ehm… maybe not entirely true, but let's go with that for the sake of this exercise. Let’s call the brand Roi Care.

How would you dramatize the brand essence of Roi Care in a way that no other brand can claim?

To dramatize the new positioning, we want you to explore possible communication concepts, visual treatments, activation ideas etc. It doesn't have to be detailed stuff, just some good ideas on how to get this soap dream going. Present your ideas together with a reasoning, in any format you feel is appropriate.

Try to include the following aspects
(if you think they make sense):

• Market overview/insights

• What other companies or business sectors can serve as inspiration?

• What makes the customer experience different and great?

• How can we make it bang?

• Design – look and feel