This Cup Counts

Swedes love coffee, and we drink a lot of it. But who beats us to it? The Finns, of course.

So, when Finnish market-leader Paulig – with a brand recognition in Finland almost comparable with IKEA in Sweden – was to launch their premium coffee in the very saturated Swedish coffee market, we were asked to develop a communication strategy, a marketing concept and to produce films and ads for the launch.

We started off with digging deep into Paulig’s core values and found something very interesting: a century-long history of making profound difference in the local community, both where the coffee is produced and where it is consumed. So we knew we had a firm ground for the basic idea with This Cup Counts


Instead of focusing on how the beans are roasted, or how nice the flavors are, This Cup Counts is all about empowering local enthusiasts. For every kilo of coffee sold, Paulig donates SEK 20 to non-profit organisations. This gives everyone who drinks This Cup Counts an opportunity to make a difference – just by drinking a cup of coffee.


Starting off with a bang – as for now the support from This Cup Counts have reached a golden bunch of organisations – Nattskiftet, Håll Sverige Rent and Tjejzonen to name a few. Each organisation highlighted and presented via a neat film. Watch them below and lend your support at