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P3 Serie: The Tunnels – the interactive trailer 


The Tunnels is a psychological thriller written by Jerker Virdborg for the podcast P3 Serie. It takes place in the underground tunnels of Stockholm and tells the story of how a man’s increasing obsession with the underworld has fatal consequences.

Spoiler alert: If you want to play the game without having anything revealed, stop reading now, and go to @p3serie_tunnlarna on Instagram.

To market the show, we created an interactive game on Instagram, where the visitor has to get down in Stockholm’s tunnel system and search for the series’ main character Klas. To complete the game, the player had to navigate through different tag-functions, picture carouselles, sounds and films. On the most difficult levels, the player had to leave Instagram and search for further clues on the Internet, make a few phone calls and listen to voice messages. All the names, accounts, persons and events in the game are taken from the actual storyline of the show. You could say it’s a kind of an interactive trailer.


Start: Instagram Stories

The campaign started with a sponsored Instagram story from P3 Serie and standard film ads on Instagram. The first ten people who completed the game won a guided tour in an old nuclear power plant deep below The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


The game

The first level starts on the streets of Stockholm. You, the player, have to find out how to get down into the underground. Once inside a parking garage underneath a church you need to find the right door to get further down underground. It all gets a bit creepier and darker as you try to find your way forward. Since the urban exploring community is built on personal trust and knowledge you will need to reach out to others to get all the way to the end of the game. Good luck. See you down in the tunnels.